Sunday, June 02, 2002

Honestly, I think well I know I'm in information overload. You know you think that you want to do everything but once you actually start down that path you begin to realize that you probably really don't.
In DC for the summer working on US side of the International Criminal Court. The ICC goes into action on July 1st of this year. I'm so appalled by what Bush has done by trying to "unsign" an international treaty. I think it's funny the UN won't let him. They didn't take the US signature off they just put a footnote by it that relates to the text of the letter Bolton sent. Too funny.

Must be that they know the next President, who ever it may be, will realize what a blunder he has made of the situation and fix it.

Friday, January 18, 2002

Did you see the shooting? The minute I saw it on TV I knew it could only be one thing - grades. Grades were released for the Fall semester, not officially, on the web this week. The minute they were out, the seas parted. The look of shock on those who came in with expectations of 4.0 and grins on those who reveled in the joy that they didn't flunk out.

Me...I was shocked. Not at the grades themselves but rather at how they fell. My favorite class, torts, and favorite professor landed me the lowest grade of my young law school career. While the hardest and most challenging class, Contracts, was my highest grade.

Once the initial shock set in human instinct took over. Am I better than everyone...anyone else??? Whispers of "What did you get," spead quickly like a raging fire thru the halls. Some like me we fine with sharing. Nothing at this point is going to change the grades. Others perhaps from a bit more competitive undergraduate institutions kept their ranking tucked deeply in their parkas. I thought that was a bit odd, but not now. Not after I saw the seas part.

If you've never seen academic seas part...remember back to junior high or high school... after the cheerleading squad was announced. Everyone who was a wanna be migrated to the squad and offered their friendship. As if their success would transfer through osmosis. Simular concept here. But we are speaking intellegence instead of popularity.Which in law school can be equalivant.

While Case does an excellent job of creating a caring environment, don't let anyone fool you. Law school is full of competitive sharks.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Good news this week - Gary got accepted to the Bio-Chem program at Case Western and we got pre-approved for our mortage. Two major weights off of my shoulders. We're going next week to look at houses. Everything is moving right along - can you believe we have to turn in our move out notice here in three weeks.

Monday, May 14, 2001

I checked the calendar today - 14 weeks until my orientation - Scary!
We still have to pack, move to Ohio, find Gary a job, buy this house I want really such a short period of time.
I can't believe it is so close.

Friday, February 23, 2001

I got accepted at Syracuse yesterday. Eventhough I'm 95% certain I'll be going to Case Western, it's sure nice to get something other than recjection letters. Kinda makes you feel special!

Friday, December 15, 2000

I got accepted to Case Western. I'm so excited!
Can you believe my inital contact on admission was via e-mail. That's the type of school I want - one that's not afraid of technology.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Ok - I've sent my deliquent recommenders flowers, with a little help from Gary's mom, as a gentle nudge to get them to send in their letters of recommendation. I've already had two schools request reports from the LSDAC. It's a little scary now that I've actually sent in the applications - well, some of them. You know it is like I have no control of the situation at this point. Before it was all philosophical and cool. Yeah, I'm going to law school.We'll anyone can say that...doing it is a much different thing. What if I don't get in??

I don't actually think that will happen. I should be able to get in somewhere. There are a lot of law schools. Actually, I'm not certain where I'd like to go most. The University of Illinois would be nice. My mom graduated from there three times (BS/MA/Ph.D.). I know my way around the town. We lived there for about nine years while mom was in school. And I think it is a great, maybe great great relative on my Dad's side who was a biologist there, Thomas Johnathan Burrill, served as president of the university for a while and was one of the schools original faculity. From a historical prospective U of I would be really cool.

But then I've always wanted to live in New England. You know most of the Burrill clan landed in Mass. when they came over from Ireland. I even found a black Burrill in Boston. She was the first black editor of the Law Review at Boston University back around the turn of the century. My grandma would flip - I think it's wonderful. Anyway New England is so beautiful, when you escape the big cities. Those living in that part of the country even have seasons like spring and fall.

There are so many neat places and things to learn - how could anyone just pick one??